Da Vinci’s Market has been featured on WCMH Channel 4, 610 WTVN Radio,
in the Columbus Dispatch, and the cover of Reynoldsburg ThisWeek
and Pickerington ThisWeek

  Reviews and letters of reference from past clients:

“Da Vinci’s Market is a charming restaurant .....the pizza is excellent, and the array of sizes means there’s a pie perfect for any appetite.” 
-- Columbus Dispatch “Carried Away” review

“The pizza is oddly addictive......can't seem to figure out if it is something in the crust or the sauce that we like so much.”
-- ChefMoz.org review

“We used Da Vinci's to cater my 12-year-old nephew's birthday party, and the kids loved it! We fed a lot of people for not a lot of money, and the kids loved ordering for themselves from the mobile kitchen. They couldn't believe they could just keep going back for more. The adults loved the stromboli & the salad - very abundant & tasty. And - no clean up!”
-- Jodie Conrad

“This past Christmas season the Math and Social Studies Department at Pickerington High School North sold pizzas for our annual Caring and Sharing project to help needy families in the community.  Da Vinci's Market was more than willing to help us out and provided 18" pizzas to sell to the students during lunch periods. We were able to make close to $750.00 in only 4 hours. I would certainly recommend using Da Vinci's Market for any fund raiser.”
-- Marti Holcomb, Dept. Head, Social Studies - Pickerington High School North  

“We have had several Pucker Powder fundraisers at our school dance and they are a hit. Not only is set up easy (Da Vinci's delivers, set up and tears down the machine) but the kids have a blast and it takes just one volunteer to sell the candy tubes. This is really an easy way to make extra money. There is no "out of pocket" expense. You get to keep a percentage of everything you sell!”
-- Terexa Dawson, Arts Impact Middle School PTA, Columbus

"For years, Da Vinci's has hosted our VERY large swim team after our meets. Their food is incredible, service is great and they treat us wonderfully. I highly recommend them for parties both big and small."
-- Joanne Campbell

"I would like send a big thank you to DaVinci's for the wonderful job they did on our banquet. The food was great and it was so nice to enjoy the night without worrying about the food and getting everything ready...they did everything!!!  I will definitely be calling them again for our banquet next year."
-- Katie Weinstein, Pickerington North Girls Tennis Club

  The following are excerpts from 610 WTVN and John Corby’s Big Bass Brothers food review where Da Vinci’s Market was awarded their rare and highest rating:

“Unanimous 5 Bellies!!!!!!”
-- 610 WTVN’s Big Bass Brothers review

“...the variety was amazing to me.....the cheese and the sauce & the crust just all came together”
-- 610 WTVN’s Big Bass Brothers review

“...raving about the meat sauce....’cause it was GOOD”
-- 610 WTVN’s Big Bass Brothers review

“the salad was very nice--looked good...it was very good, very fresh and crispy”  
-- 610 WTVN’s Big Bass Brothers review

“the penne was very nice, and the Da Vinci’s House sauce was really nice”
-- 610 WTVN’s Big Bass Brothers review

“the overall quality of it for what it cost was excellent!”
-- 610 WTVN’s Big Bass Brothers review

  Awards from competitions we have entered:

Pickerington Lion's Club Pizza  Challenges:
- Best Sauce 2006
- Best Sauce 2007
- Best Crust 2008
- Best Pizza 2008
Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival Pizza Challenge 2010:
-Awarded 2nd place (a mere 7 votes from Grand Champion!)